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10 Rules of Zen

10 Rules of Zen:
1. Let go of Comparing 2. Let go of competing 3. Let go of Judgments 4. Let go of anger 5. Let go of regrets 6. Let go of worrying 7. Let go of blame 8. Let go of guilt 9. Let go of fear 10. Have a proper belly laugh

Healing With Flowers, 7PM, Friday February 27, 2015

Chamomile, Rose, Calendula, Lavender... Healing With Flowers: 
Martine Melillo will share how your favorite flowers may be excellent remedies both physically and emotionally. Learn the spiritual and medicinal properties of these beautiful plants. They are easy to use, great for your health, and pleasant to experience. Learn the true meaning of Flower Power. Martine Melillo teaches herbal studies at School of Healing Arts, aids women as a birth doula, and works as an herbalist at In Harmony Herbs and Spices. Register at: Location: Tree of Life 4870 Santa Monica Ave.
Suite 1A
San Diego, CA 92107