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Check Out Chair Massage: You Deserve a Break in Your Busy Day by Cathy Ulrich

Check Out Chair Massage: You Deserve a Break in Your Busy Day  by Cathy Ulrich
Ever been curious about the chair massage area at the mall? Or wondered why your company offers massages in the conference room on certain days? Does it seem strange people want to get massages in an odd-looking chair during a busy workday? Well, maybe they're on to something. In fact, a small investment in a chair massage session can lead to a significant pay-off.
Chair massage--also called seated or on-site massage--provides a host of benefits, including reducing stress, improving mental clarity, and enhancing work performance. And the time investment is minimal: short five-, ten- or fifteen-minute sessions can often do the trick.
In a study done at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, researchers found that when participants got a fifteen-minute chair massage just twice a week, their anxiety levels were lower, their brain waves proved they were more relaxed and alert, and their s…

Upcoming Office Move

Upcoming Office Move  Our lease at Rosecrans Place finishes up at the end of February. The decision has been made to move to a new site at South Bay Park, San Diego. No disruptions to appointments or scheduling is expected. The new office iis located at 1465  Morena Blvd, Suite 209, San Diego, CA 92110. The new location provides numerous amenities and upgrades and ease of access. There will be designated customer parking, direct access from the Interstate 5 Tecolate/Sea World Drive On/Off Ramp and the Interstate5/8 Interchange; this dramatically reduces choke points to the wellness center. Suite upgrades include : showers, restroom, dry sauna, couples massage, hot stone therapy and group movement therapy. The Move is expected to be completed by February 21st. More to follow along with pics of the new offices.